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4 Dos and Don’ts of Living Room Furniture

Hey! So, you are back in town after many years. And have decided to shift back to your very own house where you used to stay during your childhood days. While you are on the way to reach the destination noticing that the streets and buildings around have changed so much; you must be wondering what your old house must be looking like today!What did you see when you turned down the lock and had the first glance at the living room of the house? Bull’s eye! It needs a complete re-design with the interiors and new furniture for the room.

While you make a complete list of items and start to buy furniture online UK http://funique.co.uk, go through the tips and tricks below that will make you aware of the things you should and should not follow for your living room.

  • What You Should Not Do!


  1. Keep in mind the size of your room when you shop around for the house fittings. Don’t choose a big sofa for a small sized living. It will cover its size leaving no enough space to walk around, also, making it look over-sized for the room.
  2. Pushing the modern sofas to the walls will leave more voidin the middle and look more gordy.
  3. Put not all the massive things in the living room to grab the attention of the guests. Miniature furniture details, some collectibles and home décor will do that.
  4. The carpet should not be seen as the centrepiece of the furniture. Instead back it up with the living room stuffs.
  • You Should!
  1. Take the dimensions things with the help of newspapers placing it on the spots where you want to bring in the new furniture or map out a room plan.
  2. Arrange the couch in a Goldilocks Zone - keep a distance of at least 4 feetor maximum 8 feet for real long conversations to happen.
  3. Personify the room with mementoes, photographs, paintings or inspirational quotes on the gallery wall. You can also add some decorative home furnishes at the edges.
  4. Are you wondering if the colourful dining chairs will make it with the colour of the walls or not?Relax! Choose the things you like to have it in your room because the walls can be matched later.

If you are thinking of a fireplace too, arrange the couches and the accent chairs in a way producingamazing stories over the coffee talks.Organize everything well in line with the focal point of the room, so that all the things are at equal places, neither too empty nor too complicated at the ends of the corner. Also, allowing some pass through to serve snacks to your guests at home.

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