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3 Ways To Get More Business From Your Next Networking Event

Every networking event has a specific purpose. The larger eventual objective is certainly to get more business or to grow your business but there are smaller or more immediate objectives that demand your attention. Focusing on too many things at once will be detrimental. You simplify your approach. There are many ways you can get more business from your next networking event but you cannot try them all simultaneously. Here are three tactics that should find a place in your strategy.

  • Do not organize a networking event where the footfall is unmanageable. A networking event can be as simple as a meet and greet with a few speakers, panel discussions and some coffee. The event can be as extensive as a gala with cocktails and a full buffet. You can get a star keynote speaker or you can allow your mid management to rise and shine. Whatever is the nature of your network event, you must not invite too many people. An event with hundreds of people is not ideal for networking. You would want to focus on the people you invite. The act of inviting or having the presence of hundreds of people will not ensure growth in your business. Ask yourself how many people you will be able to manage and how many you actually need to generate enough leads or prospects that you can practically follow up in weeks to come.
  • Always establish a direct contact with people at a networking event. It is normal and acceptable to address a gathering from a stage, presenting facts and statistics, sharing a story and allowing everyone to get a glimpse of what you are trying to accomplish. However, none of it will be as helpful as speaking with people directly, one on one in an ideal scenario. There will be some people who would find your presentation or address relevant and they will express interest to further discuss their needs and what you can do for them. The rest of your audience will simply go home or back to their office and forget all about you. This can be countered with five to ten minutes of conversation with each and every one. As you can imagine, it will be impossible to speak with two hundred people or more at an event if you have to target every one of them. This is why the first tactic of limiting the number of people you invite is so important.
  • The third tactic is to ensure every interaction is worthwhile and each potential is explored or followed up. Speak with your invitees, understand their concerns and make a note of every significant detail. You can use audio recorders. Yu can take notes at the back of people’s business cards. It is not necessary for every contact to be in need of something you can offer. You can never predict which contact will come handy in the future. The direct communication and the notes will help you stand out when you reestablish contact with an attendee.

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